Curly hair needs a whole different level of care than straight hair. It is quite prone to damage and needs constant and consistent care, not to mention a multitude of products just to keep it healthy. And don’t get me started with the different types of curls. There is more to curly hair than its coils and waves.

Curly Girl Method is a type of hair care approach that allows people with curly hair to properly care for their tresses to ensure that it is healthy. This approach involves products and routines that are specifically designed for curly hair to maximize health and maintain the original curl pattern that may have been lost due to years of improper care.

Caring for curly hair is not quite simple. You first have to know the type of hair you have before you start researching on the products, routines and accessories that you should use for the specific type of curly hair that you have. Also, not all hair types will love the products and routines that are often suggested for them. Creating a hair care routine is a personal experience since you will very much likely go on a trial and error phase before you can determine the suitable curly girl method for you.

Curly Hair Pattern Types

Hair is classified into different pattern types. Different types will need different hair care routine and products to keep them healthy and maintain their natural pattern.

Below is a chart of curly hair pattern types. This will help you determine what your curl pattern is, which will help you in creating your hair care routine.

Hair Curl Pattern Chart | Photo: pinterest

Do note that you may not be able to determine you curl pattern right away. You need to consider the condition of your hair since curly hair tend to change its curl pattern depending on your routine, the products you use and many other factors.

You may also see changes on your curl pattern once you start trying out different products and routines. It would be best to constantly check your curl pattern and don’t be too alarmed if it does change. You will understand what I mean as we go along this curly girl method journey. There is so much to learn but so worth it once you get the hang of it. J For now, start with the curl pattern that you have. You can change or incorporate additional products and routines that will go best with the curl pattern that your hair develop as you go.

Usually, the curlier the hair is, the harder it is to maintain. But the curl pattern is not the only characteristic that you need to factor in when building your hair care routine. Hair porosity level plays a major role when it comes to the health and appearance of your hair.

Hair Porosity Level

Hair porosity is the ability of your hair to absorb moisture. The higher the porosity is, the higher its capacity to absorb moisture. Most curly hair is low porosity, meaning the hair does not hold much moisture and is easily dried.

It is important to know the porosity level of your hair so that you can use the right products that can be effectively absorbed by your hair strands. This will keep your tresses from dying out and losing their natural curl pattern.

  • Low Porosity Level – moisture cannot easily penetrate the strands due to the tightly shut hair cuticles. This porosity level needs moisturizers that can penetrate its strand – watery conditioners are often used for this type of hair. Oils and thick conditioners are used sparingly since these products only sit on top of the cuticles and cause product buildup. Heat can aid with moisture absorption – using of heating caps and steam are recommended for this level of hair porosity.

  • Medium Porosity Level – moisture can penetrate the hair strand. This is the ideal porosity level as it does not require a lot of maintenance as it can absorb and maintain moisture in the hair shafts due to the slightly raised hair cuticles. This porosity level also allows treatments and dyes to penetrate its cuticles, leaving better results. Unless treated chemically, this type of hair is usually healthy and is not that hard to maintain. Both thin and thick conditioners can usually be used with medium porosity level hair and no heat is needed unless you need to deep condition your locks.

  • High Porosity Level – more moisture is absorbed than the strands can retain. This level of porosity absorbs the most amount of moisture because of its open cuticles. It is not always a good thing, though, as open cuticles can cause the hair to tangle. Too much product and moisture absorption can also lead to a bumpy texture of the hair strands. Hence, care in using moisturizing products should be observed if you have a high porosity level hair.

Before you start with your curly girl routine, it is best to familiarize yourself with these two first. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed with the amount of information that you need to process to properly take care of your curls.

CGM is not a race. You can take things slowly. Allow yourself to go at a comfortable pace. This will keep you from getting pressured to reach your hair goals immediately. It will also allow you to make the best possible decisions for your curly girl method.

Getting healthy curly hair takes time, patience and effort. It might seem overwhelming at first, especially if you bombard yourself with too much information in one go, but it is really a simple approach that can guide you on how to choose the best possible products and routine for your hair. You just have to take each step bit by bit until you are ready to try things on your own. Knowing the basics will enable you to experiment with new products and procedures that can improve your routine without running the risk of ruining your hair.

Next up will be the common terms used in CGM. Knowing these terms will make it easier for you to understand products and routines recommended for curly hair.

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