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Benefits of Having Your Own Blog

Blogging is quite beneficial for online presence. Whether you are a content creator or an online merchant, you can greatly benefit from having a blog of your own. Creating and maintaining a website may seem frightening, especially if you are a first-time site owner. But, all the work and time that you will be putting… blogging

Blogging and Copywriting: What’s the Difference?

Blogging and copywriting are somewhat similar. They are used to share information online and are published on websites. These two are sometimes used interchangeably; but, they are not actually the same thing. A blog is a collection of journal or informational articles that are in a reversed chronological order. These articles can be about a… CG-approved

CGM: CG-Approved Wash Day Schedule and Routine

Wash day using CG-approved products is often done once or twice a week. Some wash more frequently while others opt to wash their curls only a few times a month. There is actually no right or wrong frequency when it comes to washing your tresses. It will boil down to your decision and your hair… - blended learning

Blended Learning: What is it? How to Prepare for It?

Blended learning is a mode of learning wherein multiple strategies, methods, techniques and channels are used in the teaching-learning process. Whatever the most appropriate mode of learning is suited for the educators and the students, as well as every stakeholder involved, it is utilized to maximize learning. Nowadays, both offline and online learning options are… CGM schedule

Planning Your Own CGM Routine Schedule

Having a CGM routine schedule will help with the continuous progress of your hair care journey. Having an established routine will prevent disruptions on the entire CGM process which will hasten the transition phase and keep you motivated and faithful to your routine. This will allow you to see satisfactory results from your efforts, which… CGM products

Basic Products & Routine to Start Your CGM Journey

Before starting your CGM journey, it’s good to know the basic products to have in your stash. Having a full stock of the basic products will ensure that your CGM journey won’t get disrupted and the transition phase will be smooth. Since CGM products are often hard to find, it would be best to stock… CGM glossary

CGM Terms: The Curly Girl Method Glossary

If you are planning on venturing into the world of Curly Girl Method, you might want to familiarize yourself with terms often used in CGM. These are words or abbreviations that are often used on blogs, articles, posts and news that make writing and reading about CGM simpler. This CGM Glossary has some of the…